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In its prime the Web Directory for Moms had well over 1,000 websites listed making our directory a useful resource for moms. Awhile back spammers and tech issues brought us to our knees. We simply didn’t have any spare time (guess why that was moms and dads…) so we just ripped the site our of cyberspace.

But, drum roll goes here…

We are bringing our Web Directory for Moms back to life due to the constant requests we receive and the continuing strong search engine traffic trying to find the site.

Stay tunes!

If you’d like to list your website please send us a message and we will take care of you as soon as we launch. Just be sure the site is MOM-SPECIFIC. In other words we aren’t trying to be Google. We want sites that offer content specifically (or at least primarily) for moms. Breastfeeding.. check, pregnancy.. check, Work-at-home-moms.. check, NFL Cheerleaders.. nope, NFL Cheerleaders who are also moms.. check. Also, we prefer to be more focused than sites for women in general, but we will consider all submissions. Just remember moms are busy and they can use Google for the general search. Give us mom sites.


New babies make for new moms

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