A Tribute to Her Mom by Dana

Amongst the millions of blog posts out there are some that, if discovered and read, are touching. This post by Dana about her mom and family moved me. Life goes by so fast and it's so darn easy to forget about the truly important things in life. Dana's tribute to her mom, who gave birth to her at the tender age of 16, helps to remind us all what being a good mom is really all about. Please help … [Read more...]

Dara Torres!

What a mom! Dara Torres has inspired parents all over the world to rethink what they can accomplish in their lives. I assume you're aware of who I'm referring to here, but if not here's the Dara Torres Wiki. When she took the silver medal in the 50 meter freestyle swim last night I couldn't help but think that her being #2 had something to do with her having a 2 year old girl, Tessa. Yes, it … [Read more...]

Mommy Mystic

The newest listing in our Web directory for moms is a blog titled "Mommy Mystic". Lisa, the author of Mommy Mystic, describes herself in this way: I am a mom, teacher, and writer - mostly in that order, but it shifts from day to day. Raised Christian but drawn to Buddhism and yoga in college, I studied both seriously for many years, and have meditated daily since that time. I now teach meditation … [Read more...]

Baby Names are Evolving

Baby names are evolving at an increasing rate according to comparisons with favorite baby names from years past. It seems more parents are willing and even eager to give their children names that are unique to them. Although Michael, Mary, John, Linda, David, Kathy and the like are still hugely popular you'll only see one of them, Michael, on the 2007 list below. Here's a list of the most … [Read more...]

Site for the Science-Minded Mom

guerilla mom

Gwen Dewar's motherhood style and methods incorporates what she learned during her education at UC Berkeley, and her subsequent Ph.D. from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, where she was trained in anthropology, behavioral ecology, primatology, and evolutionary and comparative psychology. Her research has focused on the evolutionary origins of intelligence, social learning, and … [Read more...]

Happy Mothers Day

Find out what Wikipedia has to say about Mothers Day and its history. What is Mothers Day … [Read more...]

Not Too Late to Send Easter Cards

If you want to surprise someone with a nice Easter card it's not too late. Just click on over to Cross Cards and choose from among hundreds of religious cards and send them via email. We received one yesterday from family and it touched us. Cross Cards … [Read more...]

Explain Easter to Children

It's not easy to do, but you should take time today to try and explain Easter to your children. We know it's not about the candy filled eggs or the bunnies and most children know that. But, do they really know what Easter is about? The best source of help I came across for you was at More4Kids here: Explain Easter to Kids. … [Read more...]